About Us

INTECHEM is a group of companies comprising four subsidiary companies that are merged corporately but still retained their identities. Established in 2015, INTECHEM has grown exponentially over the years and now plays an active role in stimulating and guiding the development of its subsidiary companies, all well-established entities, and leading specialists in their fields. With our head offices in Johannesburg, we have extended our reach with a regional office in Cape Town and are working to grow across the country and continent.

Our Values 


We strive to connect and collaborate with manufacturers, suppliers, and customers to provide market-leading chemical solutions.


We embrace a unifying entrepreneurial culture that empowers staff and stakeholders, by encouraging each to explore different ways of thinking that result in unearthed opportunities for all involved.

Future - Focused

We deliver products on-point to contract stipulation with unrivalled service tailoring and quality, building trusted partnerships that outlast the tests of time, in step with market demand.

Sound Governance

We incorporate ESG practices into all activities to protect the environment and people, ensuring that employees and contractors uphold the highest ethical standards without fail.

Why Choose Us?

INTECHEM prides itself in being a Trusted Advisor to both our customers and suppliers. We serve the best interest of all our Stakeholders ensuring sound business decision making to improve profitability and overall good business practice.


We supply cost-effective quality products and guarantee ‘Just-In-Time’ deliveries.


-We offer tailored packaging to meet specific customers’ requirements.


We have formed strategic partnerships with reputable global brands that formulate and manufacture niche chemicals.

Our Divisions

Over the years, INTECHEM has developed trusted and reliable relationships with customers and suppliers, seeing our market offering grows to a diversified product portfolio. Given our broad reach and trusted supply chain capabilities, we have a proven track record in various industries, and we have established a solid network of clients that span diverse industries, including:

Integrated Chemical Solutions is a high-growth emerging chemical supplier and distributor in business to market, sell and distribute chemical commodities. We’re constantly exploring new opportunities and investing in research and development to ensure that we can continue to offer innovative solutions to our customers. With our team of experts who are dedicated to providing innovative solutions, we’re well-positioned to help our customers succeed in a rapidly evolving world.


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INTECHEM Water Technologies is your partner for the design and supply of water and wastewater treatment solutions, a partner to Kurita Group. Built on excellence, experience, and expertise in water and wastewater treatment, we provide proven and reliable solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Building a recognizable brand and presence across all water industry segments, we stand out in a crowded conventional water treatment environment by focusing on driving value through customer-centric business models.

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INTECHEM Supply Chain provides market access solutions. Building on Intechem’s values of collaboration, innovation, and forward-thinking, we supply a dedicated, professional supply chain service to INTECHEM and our secondary customers, by collaborating- and partnering with trusted suppliers. Our capabilities, expertise, and commitment translate into business performance and profitability through our focus on delivery, on time and in full.


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INTECHEM Fert Feeds provides farmers all around the world with products to improve crop yields. We produce and market fertilizers, solids, and liquids that are best for meeting agricultural requirements which are increasingly specialized and attentive to environmental sustainability. Our fertilizer not only improves soil fertility but also increases yield, improves crop quality, reduces chemical fertilizer use, and adds value to the products that bring economic benefits to the farmers.


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I. In-process Specialized Water Treatments

The process of making water more potable or useful, as by purifying, clarifying, softening, or deodorizing it.This includes chemical coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. There are chemicals added to the water as it enters the various treatment processes.

II. Plan audits

The planned nature, timing, and extent of the risk assessment procedures, tests of controls and substantive procedures. These are performed so that the engagement complies with the industry standards. They consists of external audits, internal audits namely Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits an external audits with result auditor's opinion and audit report.

III. Corrosion monitoring & management

Corrosion monitoring is the practice of measuring the corrosivity of process stream conditions by the use of "probes" which are inserted into the process stream and which are continuously exposed to the process stream condition. Corrosion management is the documented set of processes and procedures required for planning, executing, and continually improving the ability of an organization to manage the threat of corrosion for existing and future assets and asset systems.

IV. Legionella testing and reporting

Legionella testing and reporting is a testing process done which assist in detecting a molecule of the Legionella bacterium. This risk assessment at least every two years as a minimum. More complex water systems and higher risk situations that have been assessed should be re-assessed far more often, i.e. every three months if cooling towers or other complex systems are involved.

    About Us

    A Level 1 B-BBEE rated company, we have been steadily expanding operations and supply expertise as far north in Africa as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our management team and staff are all qualified in their fields of expertise, with diverse industry experience. We have formed strategic partnerships with reputable global brands in the manufacture and formulation of specialty chemicals and technologies, focused on niche products and services for joint competitive advantage in the market. We are constantly researching opportunities to position INTECHEM as a distributor of choice for niche products. INTECHEM embraces transformation and we believe in diversity and inclusion, thereby offering equal opportunities for all.

    Our Team

    Our team of experienced professionals tailors solutions to assist customers with their specific requirements, ensuring products and goods can be purchased effectively and efficiently and that everything best matches our client’s business cycles.

    A Passion for Innovation

    Our team is passionate about innovating chemical solutions and providing unmatched customer service. When Intechem began operations in 2015, we wanted to build more than a chemical company. The dream was to build a chemical manufacturer that pioneers next-gen solutions for Intechem’s clients, and to do so with an enduring corporate culture. Today, Intechem has succeeded at achieving its founder’s original mission, and today the company continues to change and develop. We believe research and innovation can continue to find better solutions to the evolving challenges of industries. And looking forward, we remain driven to create industry leading chemical solutions for our clients.


    Our Expertise

    INTECHEM is fully committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees and contractors. INTECHEM has developed and implemented a SHERQ (Safety, Health, Environmental, Risk and Quality) policy, which has been agreed to and approved by the Chief Executive Officer who holds the Manager for each INTECHEM division accountable for ensuring that the policy is appropriately implemented and accordingly properly managed in the business. We are passionate in the pursuit of quality standards. In our mission to achieve total client satisfaction, we strive for both quality assurance and quality control. These have been the fundamental tenets of our operating philosophy since 2019 and will continue to guide us in all our ongoing business activities.

    Our Market Segments

    Over the years, INTECHEM has developed trusted and reliable relationships with customers and suppliers, seeing our market offering grows to a diversified product portfolio. Given our broad reach and trusted supply chain capabilities, we have a proven track record in various industries and we have established a solid network of clients that span diverse industries, including:


      1. Water Treatments
      2. Mining Value Chain
      3. Food & Beverages
      4. Paper & Pulp
      5. Manufacturing

    Our Clients

    Our Affiliations

    INTECHEM is a member of the SA industry representative body, the Chemical & Allied Industries Association (CAIA), which has more than 100 members that include chemical manufacturers, traders and industry service providers. INTECHEM subscribes and adheres to CAIA’s voluntary Responsible Care® programme, to ensure that SA’s chemical sector is recognised by all stakeholders as a responsible industry playing an important role in bringing a wide range of benefits to society, while remaining open, honest and credible in all its dealings.

    Contact Us

    Gauteng Office:

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    Western Cape Office:

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    Eastern Cape Office:

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    Email: sales@intechem.co.za